The product is covered by one or more enforced patents in one or more countries across the world.

UTS-One7 is designed and supplied by International Tool Company Ltd – based in the UK we have been designing unique automotive products and selling them globally for over 20 years

Our products are sold by Snap-on Tools, MAC tools and many others

Yes you may – as the product is sold secure approved, tell your insurance company and they may offer you a discount

Sold Secure is an independent test house for security products – UTS-One7 has been independently tested and approved as a gold standard product.

Yes simply install the UTS-One7 and locate your toolbox, then install the side locker

No problem, simply relocate the UTS-one7 to the new box and purchase a new set of castor locators.

Yes – we sell a floor mount kit as an accessory

No the units are left hand and right hand

When you receive your UTS-One7 you will be asked to register the unit – if you lose your keys you simply apply online for a replacement set

UTS-One7 has a 12 month warranty

UTS-One7 will fit most MAC and SOT toolboxes with a ½” castor bolt