Aviva Partnership

We are proud to be a Specialist Partner of Aviva Insurance.

We are working with Aviva, as a Specialist Partner providing a high quality security system for industries that use professional toolboxes.

Professional toolboxes are a high risk area of theft as they are high value units, on wheels and easily removed from the premises.

The theft of tools from a business can be devastating as they are amassed over years and stolen in minutes, How would your business function without your tools?

Industries using Professional Toolboxes can include garages, workshops, aviation, education anywhere where tools are used.

When the Toolbox is “Docked and Locked” it also prevents the toolbox from tipping over which is a common occurrence and a Heath & Safety

Why UTS-One7?

  • Easy To Install
  • Easy To Relocate
  • Ground or Wall Installation
  • Passes Solid Secure Gold Standard Specification
  • Left or Right Locking
  • No Damage To Your Toolbox
  • Earthquake Secure
  • Anti-Tip 5C Workspace Organisation